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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. >> >> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> fox 5 is all over several developing stories tonight. will a sex scandal force anthony weiner to step down? calls for the congressman's resignation growing louder on capitol hill. plus, who killed this 12-year-old girl. tonight, police are releasing shocking new info about the murder-mystery. tiger woods pulls out of the us open. we'll talk with best selling author john feinstein about what that means for tiger and the tournament. we'll begin tonight with the heat wave that's about to grip washington. >> outside our fox 5 studios in northwest dc, it feels pretty good out here tonight.
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the wind is blowing, not too hot out here today, but if you're enjoying tonight, get ready for tomorrow, because things will be changing. in fact, we'll hit the mid-90s tomorrow, and once the heat index rolls in, it will feel like we're in the triple digit heat. sue palka is out here with me tonight. we're getting ready for another heat wave. >> let me remind you it's still spring. >> this is our second round of high heat so we want to give our viewers a head's up. we're not talking about the high that we were today. autostill warm but we'll be heading into the triple digits because the humidity will be kicking in. we got up to 90 degrees here and you can see all over the place really hot. detroit was 95 degrees today. but wait for this, shawn, as we widen out the picture. minneapolis was 103 degrees today. wichita, kansas, 102, and that is the kind of heat that is being tapped. not the really excessive heat, but you can see this area of high pressure down to the south and east is going to be rotating through all of that heat and
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bringing it toward dc, and we're going to be closer to record territory tomorrow and you combine that with the humidity, it's going to be a lot hotter. we have a heat warning tomorrow. it will make it feel like 100 to 105 degrees and it will last a couple of days. >> we've got to let everyone know that today was probably the last comfortable day for the rest of the week. we get some relief late in the week but i think we need to be prepared to take a lot of breaks tomorrow. if you're going to be outside, don't let the heat take you over. make sure you take breaks from the heat and protect yourself. >> and also keep an eye on the loved ones and the elderly around because it could be a dangerous situation. >> thank you very much, sue. speaking of a dangerous situation, the heat wave we had last week is linked to two deaths in maryland. a man and a woman died from exposure to the heat. both were over the age of 65 and both had underlying medical conditions. >> we're following some breaking
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news right now, a major fire has left at least five people in an lanham apartment building tonight. at the 5400 block of 85th avenue, a fire broke out around 8:30. no word on the cause or amount of damage so far. another big story dominating the headlines, after days of denials, new york congressman anthony weiner came clean admitting he sent lewd photos to multiple women on the internet, but if he thought his colleagues on the hill would have his back, he's learning how tough washington can be. will thomas is in the center now with new developments. >> more is coming out as you know. details of explicit e-mails sent from congressman weiner. more people are coming out. a blackjack dealer from vegas says she sent 200 text messages from him. you will also hear from a woman
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from texas who also says she became an internet woman. dr. lisa van stusen is standing by to talk about the behaviors of his actions. one thing is becoming crystal clear tonight, and that is this, it looks like congressman weiner will become the focus of a congressional investigation. >> caught in a lie. >> the twitter picture in question is a hack or prank. >> reporter: no hack, no prank. new york congressman anthony weiner admits he sent photos of himself and sexual messages via twitter, facebook and e-mails to six women, including 26-year-old megan broussard of texas. she had a feeling he was communitying with others. >> i just felt at the time there's got to be something. there's way more girls out here than just me. this is something he's done regular all the time. he's comfortable. >> reporter: by now you've seen his tearful apology on monday. >> i'm deeply sorry for the pain
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this has caused my wife and my family and my constituents, friends and staff. >> reporter: but he insists he's not stepping down. so far he stands alone. >> i'm not here to defend weiner. that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: and reporter asked harry reed, what advice would he give him. >> call somebody else. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi formally called for an ethics investigation to see if the congressman broke any rules. did he use government equipment to send explicit materials. did he break the rules which says members of congress shall behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect credibility on the house? >> my blackberry is not a government blackberry. my home computer is usually where i did these things. >> reporter: a new york post editorial says weiner should resign now. the new york times stopped just short of that. new york's mayor says voters will decide. >> they will have an opportunity
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to express themselves in one year and four months from now. >> reporter: if you thought things couldn't get any worse for congressman weiner, listen to this. redistricting in new york state could eliminate his congressional district altogether. it's to reflect the changing population there, so voters in new york may never have to decide whether to reelect him. we asked you at home a question on here it is. is sexting adultery? check it out. so far of the people responding, a whopping 94% say yes. let's bring in dr. lisa vansustren, a psychiatrist, good to have you here as always. in the course of your practice seeing couples, do you think sexting is adultery? >> each person would say something a little bit different but the question to ask is how does it affect my spouse when my spouse finds out this is taking
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place. how does it affect the person it's directed to? is it a sense of mutual respect? is this something that enhances the relationship? >> well, a lot of people are wondering does this behavior lead to something physical? so far he's admitted to three years of going back and force with various women, both before he was married and after he was married to huma who worked at the state department for secretary clinton. >> in some cases it does, and in some cases it's just to blow off a little bit of steam but it's really damaging to the relationship when you think you can't trust your spouse to be up front with you about what's happening. >> of course trust is key in relationships. i'm wondering and i'm sure you are at home, what drives someone to do this? >> i can't say specifically about the congressman but in the patients i've talked to over the years, i've asked them why did you do this? they look at me with a blank
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space. they don't know. but after weeks and longer of an uncoffering therapy, you find out they did it, maybe they were tempted by the thrill of it. maybe they had a craving for the display that the image might show, or maybe they're secretly not really wanting this kind of job. maybe there's something they resent about it. there may be many, many reasons, more or less, depending upon the individual. >> in my final few seconds with you, what is the general course of treatment with someone that wants it? i have about 10 to 15 seconds. >> we break through that denial that says i don't know why i was doing this, and they know exactly why they were doing this and what it did to the person they were hurting. >> dr. vansustren, always good to have you with us. i should add, ethics investigation, if it happens, could take months or possibly a year. >> will thomas tonight. a rare state dinner tonight at the white house. the president and mrs. obama are honoring the german chancellor.
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it is the fifth state dinner. laura evans joins us live. >> reporter: they're at the white house for a splashy state dinner. thank goodness it's a beautiful night because this dinner is actually being held in the rose garden under the stars. president obama toasted the german chancellor as an extraordinary leader presenting him with the presidential medal of freedom, which is the nation's highest civilian honor. merkyl then spoke claiming she dreamed of freedom as a child in east germany and thanked americans for all they've done to help the germans. earlier today, a 19-gun salute welcomed the chancellor and president obama met to discuss with her a wide range of issues, including nato operations in middle east and afghanistan and libya and the world economy. in fact, the president touched on differences with germany and the global economy and europe's debt crisis which arguably is taking a toll on the recovery
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here in the us. >> but i'm confident that germany's leadership, along with other key actors in europe, will help us arrive at a path for them to return to growth. >> i think each of us ought to deal with our own problems. we in europe have our hands full with what we need to do. >> i want to get back to the state dinner. i want to show you video of chancellor merkyl arriving, and this is what the first lady wore, an ivory v-necked dressed designed with beads and sequins. merkyl is the first female head of government to visit the obama white house and receive a state dinner. singer/song writer james taylor provided the entertainment, along with the national symphony orchestra and i would be remiss to not tell you what's on the menu, tuna tara, filet, ravioli and a twist on a traditional apple strudel, in keeping with
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the german traditions. >> it's always fun to talk about the important details. by the way, mrs. obama looked stunning, doesn't she? >> ? >> reporter: as always. >> thank you. we're following a developing story. tiger woods announced he will not play in next week's us open at congressional country club in bethes da. dave feldman is here on what happened. >> tiger hasn't missed a us open since 1994. and his knee issue will force him to do it again next week. he dropped a bomb shell on twitter saying i'm extremely disappointed that i won't be playing in the us open, but it's time for me to listen to my doctors and focus on the future. woods hosted the tournament at the at&t national three times on the famed blue course in bethesda, playing host and champion in 2009. but he hasn't won since the 2009 masters, a stretch of 22 tournaments. tonight, i spoke with john
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feinstein. >> surprised when you heard tiger will not be coming to congressional? >> extremely surprised. i have been 100% wrong predicting where tiger would show and not show. i didn't think he would play the player's championship because he doesn't really care about the player's championship but i thought he'd play here because it's the us open, a major. congressional is a golf course he's won before. i'm very surprised. >> is he going to win again? >> i'm still going to say yes because he's only 35 years old. but it's not a physical deal. sure, he has an injury but it's not his golf swing days. it's his head. it's completely his head. he was never a great striker of the ball when he was crushing everybody on the pga tour. he hit balls left, right, from all over the place but he could get it down from anywhere because the most focused on the course. it's not the at&t national, it's not the temper open. it's one of the four weeks that matters in golf, no matter who
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tees it up. history will be made whenever they hand the trophy to someone at congressional, no matter who it is. >> back to you, john. tiger say be ready for the at&t national over the fourth of july weekend. that will be played in philly. shawn. >> feldy, thank you very much. a lot of people will miss tiger. prosecutors called it a disgusting crime. thieves hitting cemeteries stealing everything from urns to grave markers. wait until you hear what they're doing with them. we now know how jessica nguyen was murdered. but who killed her and why? i'm bob barnard, an update straight ahead. tonight at 11:00, chaos breaks out at an arrest at a metro station. did police use excessive force? we talked to the man who caught this scene on camera in a news edge exclusive. ♪
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[ male announcer ] spare toothbrush, just in case: $4. ♪ home cooked meal: $28. ♪ first date finest: $33. ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at >> we're getting new information tonight about the murder of a 12-year-old montgomery county girl found dead in her
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gaithersburg home a week ago. jessica nguyen was stabbed to death, a significant detail in the murder investigation, but will that alone help solve the case? fox 5's bob barnard is here with what this may mean. >> brian, we reached out to a criminal profiler to help us understand why police are telling us so little about where the jessica nguyen murder investigation stands and what the facts we know tell us about who may have killed the gaithersburg middle school student and why. a week after 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found at 7:30 in the evening murdered in the basement of her gaithersburg town home, the day after the honor school was buried in german town, montgomery county police have finally released the cause of her death. jessica, they say, was stabbed in the upper body. we still don't know who killed her or why. >> the simple fact that she was murdered so early in the day in her home leads me to believe there was some kind of
10:18 pm
altercation with somebody she knew. >> reporter: we turned to criminal profiler pat brown for insight because police are still saying they have no suspects, don't know whether jessica was killed by somebody she knew or a complete stranger. >> it's possible the police don't know yet, but they're probably going through all the alibis, they want to know where everybody was, go through all the statements, interview everyone, make sure they make sense, check for deception or if somebody's trying to cover something up. you don't want to accuse the wrong person. >> reporter: at the nguyen home on raven avenue this evening, a family friend told us the murdered girl's family is packing up, fleeing the home, already in foreclosure. >> they're moving. >> reporter: they're not going to stay in this house? >> no, not anymore. >> reporter: does the family know who did this? >> no, we didn't know. >> reporter: you don't know who killed her? >> i don't know. >> reporter: in a wooded field out back of the crime scene where the foot paths last week
10:19 pm
were barely visible, the grass has been cut. we're told police were searching for evidence, perhaps the murder weapon. we now know it was a knife or some other sharp object used to brutally end a young life. jessica nguyen's family was home tonight but didn't want to talk to us about their loss or the hunt for their killer. if police are zeroing in on somebody, they're not tipping their hand, brian. >> bob barnard tonight. four men accused of doing something a county prosecutor describes as disgusting. they were indicted from robbing from cemeteries in prince georges county. beth parker has been covering the story. beth, what happened? what'd you find out? >> reporter: what we're talking about is urns, statues and grave markers, the kinds of things you'd expect to see at a cemetery. it's a half million dollars worth of stolen goods we're talking about. scrap metal. police say criminals are stealing it from a place that's
10:20 pm
way off limits, cemeteries. >> this is a disturbing and disgusting trend. >> reporter: prince georges county state's attorney says they have stolen about a half million dollars worth of items from county cemeteries over the last couple of years, mostly bronze. here are videos of some of the damaged stolen grave markers. >> having their grave markers stolen is traumatic so we hope this will bring relief and justice to them. >> reporter: investigators say the ring leader was this man, 53-year-old ranito antoine porter. we stopped by porter's apartment in capital heights to talk to him about the investigation, no answer. he's indicted on 26 counts. police say one of the defendants tried to sell some of these stolen cemetery items to a business in brandywine maryland, a recycling center, but the owner said no way. investigators praised business owner ken casawala.
10:21 pm
when he told the suspects no and threatened to call police, they quickly scrambled off. police traced those pieces back to maryland national memorial park in laurel. investigators say one of the other men indicted, oscar deal, had worked at resurrection cemetery in clinton. police say porter recruited cemetery employees to help with the operation. police say they hope now the dead and their families can truly find some peace. a total of four men have been indicted, shawn. if, in fact, they're convicted, it could be 15 years in jail for each of these individuals, and we should tell you that some of these attempts to sell these stolen goods were actually caught on surveillance cameras at some of these recycling places. we didn't get to see the video today. we're saving it for the trials. >> indeed we will. beth parker, thank you. brian. a disturbing tip about a possible mass grave in texas turned out to be nothing. investigators say a psychic led
10:22 pm
them to a farm house in liberty county. the gruesome tip stated multiple bodies were dismembered and buried there. officers and cadaver dogs searched the scene tonight, and police say no bodies have been recovered. liberty is about 70 miles northeast of houston. the defense in the casey anthony murder trial picked up today. one of anthony's defense attorneys suggested a crime scene very altered crucial evidence. that evidence was the testimony about the presence of chloroform and the odorof decomposition in her car. the chloroform levels were testified that they were not as high as previous research scientists claimed. >> it wasn't the most chloroform you've ever seen in 20 years, was it? >> it was not the most i've seen in 20 years, no. >> it was not what you would call shockingly high levels of
10:23 pm
chloroform, was it? >> no, it was not. >> the experts testified it was found on the trunk's spare tire, cover and side of the trunk. but chloroform is found in common household cleaners. why investigators are worried they'll never know the cause of an e. coli outbreak. more video of moamar ghadafi surfaces as air strikes intensify. the latest from libya up next. tt4wmrákm dez-7m8#ú&[.8 . (y for
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and rates from our competitors. people who switch save an average of over $500 a year. very cool! oh, and the second thing? it's origami. you just blew my mind. making it easy to shop and save. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> new images of libyan leader moammar ghadafi was released today. they aired video the dictator reportedly recorded today. it shows him with tribal leaders showing an audio address from the dictator announcing the nato and the rebels. he hasn't been seen since late may. nato unleashed some of the most
10:27 pm
damaging attacks on the tripoli compound. 40 daylight attacks reigned down. he remained defiant in an audio address shouting, we will not kneel. german investigators hope to find the source of the deadly outbreak of the e. coli outbreak and say if they don't find it by early next week, they'll never find it. if there had been better detection, the outbreak could have been spotted sooner. there is a long list of growing republicans in the presidential race and a new list suggests could give president obama problems for the 2012. harris thomas, the dc councilman accused of using public money for private use, fights to keep his power from being stripped away. and he has some nerve, why one ceo is proposing a hike in the gas tax as drivers deal with the pain at the pump.
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>> we have more on the scandals rocking dc city hall. he denies using money to buy himself an suv and take a personal triiscussed thomas's fe on some council committees. matt ackland joins us with the latest from the story. >> reporter: shawn, as you know, i spent a lot of time at city hall and it's rare to have council members not comment on camera. they made a deal today with chairman brown that they wouldn't speak about what happened inside the meeting, but a few council members told me off camera it was not pleasant. >> i am now going to move to close this meeting. all in favor say aye. >> reporter: it was a vote by full council to shut the media out. the door slammed and chairman brown talked council members into keeping a lid on what was
10:32 pm
said. why? brown would only say this after the meeting. >> i would ask my colleagues to remain hopefully as quiet as possible until we come together tomorrow with the announcement. >> reporter: a few minutes later we went to council member thomas's office where we found council member marion barry walking out. >> did you lend support or advice? >> i'm a friend of his, that's all. >> reporter: barry says in these situations, people should not rush to judgment. >> yoou been removed from a committee before. you've gone through something similar. >> reporter: but harry thomas jr. did agree to talk. he won't give up his chair of the committee on economic development, but he seemed to clear the way for chairman brown to remove him. >> the chairman is going to make a decision, the members met, and we're going to do that tomorrow. i think it's prpt we do that and i think it's important that the institution of this city and the institution we represent is
10:33 pm
protected. >> reporter: thomas drove that expensive suv to work tuesday. for months, he has said it was purchased with his own money but the attorney general says it believes it was public funds used to purchase the vehicle and thomas says he'll fight to prove the attorney general wrong. >> no one can understand how important my children are to me, and secondly, my family and the people and constituents i serve. that's where the public trust comes from. >> we're told chairman brown will have an announcement about harry thomas jr. tomorrow. we extended the offer for the chairman to come on and talk in our studios tonight but he declined. although they were pretty much silent today, some council members say they'll be ready to talk tomorrow after the chairman makes up his mind, shawn. >> and we will be ready to listen. matt ackland, thank you. looks like president obama's post bin laden pump is officially over. abc news poll shows public disapproval over the way he's
10:34 pm
handling the economy has reached a record high and that could hurt him in the upcoming presidential election. if the election were held today, the poll shows the president and the former massachusetts governor mitt romney in a statistical dead heat, confirming republicans for fervor status. let's bring in alanlickman and jack berkman for more perspective. alan, i venture you'll say it doesn't mean anything. >> it means absolutely nothing. you should take these early polls and do the works of supervision, confine them to the flames. these early polls had jimmy carter trounsing ronald reagan, for example. they just tonight hold water. >> jack, what do you say? >> all of them, brian, is fine, except i think the professor said the opposite when we were on a month ago when obama had his and it talked about the president surging. the reality is with 9.1%
10:35 pm
unemployment and rising and unfavorable on the economy, his numbers are 46 and falling. it's a bad seat. here's the problem with the president. he's inlectually exhausted. what do you mean by that? we've spent 3 1/2 trillion dollars, the economy hasn't been turned around, no jobs created and we're broke. the president can't keep making the argument, if we didn't do it, we'd be in a real depression. he's running out of gas and out of room. it's not just mitt romney. it's a lot of potential republicans who can beat him. even a far right wing conservative can beat him in 2012. >> look what happened to the republicans in new york state just a few weeks ago, an overwhelmingly republican district, a right wing republican showing their true colors. they want to undermine the safety net for medicare that's worked so well.
10:36 pm
>> if there was a republican candidate out there who wasn't loaney, who wasn't off the beat, then maybe they would have a chance but they don't. >> two points, allen is right. i can stipulate to that. they had a bounce a couple of weeks ago but the news cycle has gone against them in the form of anthony weiner. this is a problem. if he chooses to stay in congress, republicans will have a major issue. not just republicans, but conservatives, with their moral voters and social voters, this is a base mobilization boon for republicans and it could go a long time. >> let me jump in here. president obama, for almost two years, said it was the republicans that drove the economy up to the cliff and almost over the cliff, and he brought it back. do you see the democrats going back to that argument? because the economy feels like it's stalled. i don't know if the numbers bear that out. >> you know, the economy right now doesn't matter a bit. what's going to matter is where
10:37 pm
the economy stands a year from now, and the truth is the economists can't even predict the economy quarter to quarter, much less where it stands a year from now. the problem is the president may be a bit low on gas, but the republicans have nothing but gas, and they have no answers to the economy. it's the same old -- cut taxes for the rich. >> it has never ever worked. >> jack, you got 20 seconds, jack. >> here's the problem. republicans right now aren't the ones who need the answers, because it's barack obama and his administration, they have to account for the $3 trillion and have to account for why the economy hasn't turned around. we don't have any capacity left. >> jack berkman, allen lichman, thank you both tonight. from broken escaularities to broken busses, metro has a new problem on its hands and they say it's not isolated to its old fleet. the latest from arizona at
10:38 pm
10:47. first, business with sandra smith. >> a new money record for america that no one's bragging about. our government's unfunded spending commitment hitting a record $61.6 trillion last year, more than half a million per household. the new reports for medicare and social security are racking up the bulk of the charges. as our debt is rising, job postings are falling. dipping in april the first time in three months. some americans with jobs might not have health insurance for much longer. 30% of the companies in a new survey say they're planning to stop offering coverage when the health care law kicks in. stocks falling late in the day and for a fifth straight day, after fed chief ben bernanke says he has no new stimulus plan in the works. he's picking up a pick-up in the economy in the second half of the year. and airport security looking to fly into the future, eye scanners and security tunnels
10:39 pm
being unveiled at an airline summit today. the industry looking to increase safety while decreasing those long waiting lines. that's business, i'm sandra smith. 
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>> we're monitoring metro tonight. you already know there's a problem with broken escalators. a new report shows busses are breaking down more often, and it's not just the old ones. brand new ones are too. it dropped below metro's target from march to april. the transit agency says its busses are getting fewer miles on the road before breaking down. some of the fleets are hybrid busses a year old or less that are already failing.
10:43 pm
a metro spokesperson says hybrid busses remain the most reliable in the fleet compared to cng, clean diesel and others. fox 5 always monitoring metro. if you have a story or idea shoot us an e-mail. the president of general motors is calling for a $1 gas tax hike to help the environment. dan ackerson says the hike would work better. gas prices are finally dropping in the district. according to triple a, the average price for a gallon of regular is now 4.02. it was 12 cents higher a month ago but compared to a year ago, it is still soaring. back then it was only 2.82 a gallon. a news edge exclusive at 11:00. what happened during an arrest at a metro stop. we'll show you how it played out. plus fall out from the escort that charlie sheen got while he was in town.
10:44 pm
details on the news edge at 11:00. outhltciasn tlt.
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>> we are following a developing story in arizona tonight. the wild fire burning out of control is now threatening to become the state's second largest ever. the massive blaze has already forced people out of their homes in several cities and towns. anita vogul has the latest. >> reporter: with flames raging out of control in northeast arizona. >> this is what we hoped wouldn't happen. >> reporter: fire officials are putting out the order to hundreds that it's time to move to safety. >> the withis thing is working, you may not have that much time, so please get ready now. >> reporter: what's being called the wall of fire is burning through hundreds of thousands of acres of land, taking down at least four structures since it started on may 29. powerful wind gusts aiding the flames in recent days. >> we packed up everything that we could. >> memories. >> memories enclosed. >> reporter: for the towns of
10:48 pm
sun rise, eager, greer, and blue mountain, this is emotional. >> this is our livelihood. this is our life. >> reporter: but with the flames eating through a thick underbrush of dry tender, homeowners know it's time to go. >> we don't want to leave. i'm going to cry. we don't want to leave, but we know for safety's sake we have to. >> reporter: a navy veteran paralyzed from the waste down praising the kindness from his neighbors. >> i saved up my mon andy finally got enough money together three years ago and built my house out there. >> reporter: in his time of need, helping him to move to safety without hesitating. >> he don't even think about doing anything otherwise. you go get him. >> reporter: visible as far away as kansas and iowa, the heavy smoke is hanging over the city of denver. >> we have about three or four days that are going to try all of us. >> reporter: weather officials say a front is building here in the west and could push dry winds into arizona making the
10:49 pm
situation even worse. thousands of firefighters on the fire line say they're keeping an eye on whatever mother nature has in store. in los angeles, anita vogul, fox news. powerful lightning flashes during an early morning storm in toronto. that lightning destroyed at least two homes in ontario, brought down power lines all over the province. thousands of people are in the dark but so far, no word of any injuries. >> that was a violent storm north. >> it's kind of crazy out there. meantime back at home, we were outside a little while ago, it was not bad out there right now, but tomorrow -- >> it's going to get worse tomorrow , and i think the humidity will pump up. again, mid to upper 90s, some places will be 98 degrees, especially north of the city. end of may and early june, we had those three really scorching days, and so a few more
10:50 pm
scorchers are coming, guys. early in the season, we're starting to worry that maybe this is how it's going to roll a little bit. >> i hope not. >> i'm not wishing for that either, shawn, for sure because you feel like you've got to stay barricaded in and tomorrow is one of those days if you're going to be spending a lot of time outside you have to take those breaks because it's surprising how the heat illnesses can sneak up on you. here's your headline for tomorrow. it's going to be hot and not just hot but it's going to be very steamy. here's why. area of high pressure again building up in the south and east, and you saw if you were watching earlier in our broadcast how hot it was, 103 degrees in minneapolis today. we'll be tapping some of that heat and pulling it our direction, so midand upper 90s pretty much across the board, and it's a west wind, which tends to be a hot wind for us coming down the mountains and compressing and getting super heated. prepare for that. we could be 90 as early as noon tomorrow. that was our high today. check it out, not a record,
10:51 pm
dulles and bwi marshal, a good 5 to 8 degrees warmer than these temperatures tomorrow. gaithersburg and frederick to 73 degrees. watch for frederick to get pretty hot. 72 as we look toward culpepper. pretty comfortable. it's not out of control tonight. tomorrow, we're thinking the city will be around 95 degrees but there will be many spots, especially north, that could get above that. thursday, also another real hot day, probably the hottest day of the week at 97. both of these days will be really humid and the heat advisory we'll talk about in a moment. friday, about 93 degrees and saturday 86. we're not thinking we're going to see much in the way of thunderstorms tomorrow. maybe a slight chance on thursday and a slight chance on friday, but maybe for the weekend as we see the temperatures begin to drop, we'll have a chance for a shower and thunderstorm as the cool front gets closer. today we had a little bit of a
10:52 pm
cirrus cloud cover. that was from a complex of storms moving south through west virginia and a little bit of a debris cloud got on top of us. we're not going to have that tomorrow. that was a nice thin veil that helped temperatures to not get too terribly warm. tomorrow with full sun, what you want to keep in mind is that sunshine when you're standing in the direct sun can be up to 120 degrees. we're talking about air temperatures in the 90s but direct sun a lot warmer. not much to see across the rest of the country. we're not seeing many signs of showers and organized thunderstorms moving in this direction. we think tomorrow is a dry day, about 73 degrees in the downtown area so pretty comfortable but reminding you that a heat advisory and by the way code orange air quality, which is unhealthy for the sensitive groups who have preexisting conditions or senior citizens or very young children will be quick to warm up tomorrow to 95 degrees and the combination of heat and humidity making you feel like 100 to 105 degrees easily.
10:53 pm
a little bit of a breeze out of the west-southwest as well. at 8:00 in the morning, by then 78, noon very muggy, and by 5:00, about 93 degrees but feeling like 100 or 103 degrees at this point. i mentioned showers. not much of a chance for it tomorrow as we put it into motion. the heat and humidity putting a huge bubble into the jet stream taking the warm air up into the plains states. maybe something isolated in terms of thunderstorms on thursday and again on friday. late in the week we'll see an actual cool front heading our direction. it may stall nearby and that's why you see a little bit of temperature relief on the weekend on 86 saturday, and sunday 87. got to tell you, some of the fronts this time of year run out of gas so we hope you can deliver on these temperatures but with the front nearby the chance of these thunderstorms will go up a little bit on saturday and sunday. >> tomorrow, stay hydrated out there. stay in the air conditioning if
10:54 pm
you can. >> once again, keep an eye on pets and senior citizens. got to take it easy in the elements. >> if you break down in your car, get stuck on the side of the road, that's dangerous . >> we'll see that a lot tomorrow, with the hoods up. >> hope we don't see power outages. >> hope not. take a bottle of water with you. with the ongoing nfl lockout, they can't make any changes to their roster, but the stadium is a different story. what's going on in fedex field? >> fedex field opened in 1997. it's now the oldest statement in the nfc east. we've seen cowboys stadium so the redskins are trying to keep up with the jones, or at least one jones, jerry. now, the redskins are in the process of another makeover. the team is removing approximately 6700 total seats in the upper deck end zone to install two party decks and other amenities for the fans.
10:55 pm
it will reduce stadium capacity to 85,000. fans will be able to participate in pregame and post game activities aunths deck and purchase standing room viewing tickets. the project is scheduled to be finished sometime before the 2012 season. hopefully we'll have football before then. the redskins decided to go forward with the party deck plans, even with fans on the waiting list, partly because of the uncertainty of the nfl lockout. fans who have seats in the construction zone are being moved into better seats based upon season ticket holders who do not renew. shawn and brian. >> thank you, dave. an oscar winner comes to our area to fight childhood hunger. so long, shrek, we'll tell you why this has left a lasting legacy. did these officers go too far? you'll hear from the passenger who shot the shocking video at 11:00.
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>> a little star power, actor jeff bridges joined the secretary and governor visiting the elementary school in arlington to talk about how to end childhood hunger by the year 2015. virginia joined 17 other states participating in the country which will give low income children access to federal nutrition programs. >> you're an important element. we're really going to need you guys, definitely, because well you need to spread the word, you know, if you guys are hungry this summer and you know any kids who are hungry, what are you going to call? 211. that's right. governor mcdonald says 216,000 virginiians are underfed either


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